Tri-J Heat Treating Co. announces new austemper process line

(Pomona, CA) - January 29, 2008 - Tri-J Heat Treating Company announces its completion of a 500lb/hour austemper line, which is a direct result of our effort to meet customers' current and ever changing heat-treating needs.

The austemper process has been under development for the past 3 months. All of the design, fabrication, assembly and construction were done in house by our engineers and technicians.

Commenting on the decision to invest in this additional heat-treating process, the President of Tri-J, Mr. Yusheng Xu said that it will always be Tri-J's primary objective to listen to our customers and act to support what they want.

This commitment to customers, with Tri-J's well known high quality, competitive pricing and on time delivery are goals that we demand of ourselves daily.

If you have any question or would like a quote using this process on a current jobs, please give Tri-J a call at 909-622-9999.

What is Austempering?

The austemper process offers benefits over the more conventional oil quench and temper method of heat treating springs and stampings that requires the uppermost in distortion control. The process consists of quenching the part from the proper austenitizing temperature directly into a liquid salt bath at a temperature between 590 to 710 degrees Fahrenheit.

The part is held at this quench temperature for a recommended time to transform the Austenite into Bainite. The part is then removed from the salt quench and air cooled to room temperature.

Advantages of Austempering:Less Distortion

You should use the Austempering process if: